Monday, September 12, 2011

Technical Problems

Desperate Hearts reader reviews:

" . . . I absolutely love the story lines Alexis Harrington brings to life in her books. Strong characters, with lots of depth to them, that you discover as you read along. The only downside to her books is the horrible editing! This book was the worst one so far, it had words missing or turned around in a way that made it difficult to follow if you weren't absorbed in your reading of it. Such a great writer should not have so many errors in a book! The ONLY reason I gave this book a 4 Star rating was because of the number of grammar errors!"

" . . .My problem was that I bought the book on Kindle. It was soooo badly transcribed to kindle format that it was hard to follow. At one point Jace was kissing Kyle instead of Kyla! Give me a break! Buy the book. Don't buy it on Kindle until they fix the mess the publisher made of it."

A Taste of Heaven reader reviews:
" . . . As the title of this review suggests the Kindle version of this book is not formatted properly to the point of interferring [sic] with the reading of the book. I would not recommend it for Kindle."

Now then. Authors of all sorts and across all genres are accustomed to lacerating reviews. We don't like them--we work hard to bring the best story we can to our readers--but they go with the job. For all the glowing and truly appreciated reviews, there are always a couple of clinkers. Sometimes they are downright vicious. I admit to a certain amusement to read a hurtful review that is so badly misspelled and constructed I sometimes think, back atcha, dear reader.


Julie Ortolon, author extraordinaire, has a few answers to the type of complaints above. I found her blog to be very informative because I've wondered how I could have slaved and proofed, and proofed and slaved over a file, only to incite these sample reactions.

I don't want to repeat her words or steal her thunder. So take a look and learn something even I wasn't aware of.

Why Do Ebooks Have So Many Typos???