Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Little Book That Did

Since making my backlist available on Kindle and, I’ve noticed the most amazing trend. The books that I thought would zoom to e-readers like lightning are doing very well. But one book is leaving the stratosphere: Harper’s Bride.

I wrote Harper’s Bride as a kind of anniversary tribute to the last great gold rush of our time in the Yukon Territory. That the book was released during the strike’s centennial year was mere good luck. As with all of my projects, I did a ton of research and bought so many books from Powell’s City of Books downtown, the clerk asked me if I was planning a trip up there.

I learned that J.W. Nordstrom made enough money in Dawson City to open his first shoe store in Seattle. When I was a kid, that’s what Nordstrom did—they sold only shoes. I also learned that the most dependable money was made not in mining, but in supplying the miners. Because of Dawson’s near inaccessibility, and because inflation always follows a captive audience (think popcorn at the movies or a burger TGIF’s in Times Square) prices for everything were astounding. A dozen eggs went for $18. A fairly current copy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer sold for $50.

Of course, those are just facts. The story concerned Dylan Harper, a man with a shadow in his past who went to the Yukon and opened a supply store. One of his customers ran up a big bill he couldn’t pay. When Dylan pressed him, he offered his wife Melissa and their child to clear the debt. Dylan figured he was on the losing end of the proposition but his conscience made him agree to it when he saw the bruise on Melissa’s cheek.

It had a very nice cover when it was print published by Penguin, and a nice run. Readers liked the story and it received a lot of great reviews.

Now though, Harper’s Bride has a second life that’s a happy surprise to me and apparently a satisfying one to readers. I’m very pleased to have the chance to share my backlist with you.

A new title is just around the corner. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s officially available. For now, though, have a seat. Do I have stories to tell you!


  1. Did you see that 'Harper's Bride' was positively reviewed on the blog Smart Bitches Trashy Books? That might explain why readers are particularly interested in it at the moment.

    I heard about your books from another blogger, Avidbookreader (Keishon), and subsequently read SB Sarah's review of 'Harper's Bride'. Between the buzz and your special offer coupons, I splurged on several of your titles. Now all I need is for my new digital reader to be delivered. :D

  2. Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy them, and I'm grateful to SB for the promo.

    I'm getting ready to make a brand new title available in the next couple of weeks (still have some fine-tuning and the cover to worry about).