Sunday, June 6, 2010

What Goes On at Those Book Club Meetings, Anyway . . . Part 2

Oops, first one week goes by and then another, and pretty soon I realize I’ve missed my weekly installments here. And now I find myself looking forward to hosting the Book Club Babes this Friday evening. For the first time ever, we will be reading one of my books, which is somewhat daunting. At least that was the assigned title but if you’ve been reading along with me here, you know that we don’t always get around to actually discussing the book. If we do, hopefully, the Babes will be kind.

That’s one of the cringe-inducing realities of book reviews. I have read some that made careful, thoughtful, and therefore worthwhile observations about a given title. Others have the tact and manners of some primitive beast—the heavy sighs and eye-rolling of the reviewer practically leap from the screen, dripping with the same acid used in the movie Aliens. Odd, but reading one of those reviews causes my stomach to produce a nearly identical substance that can burn holes through every organ and layer of tissue without mercy.

Sometimes an idea that gleams like the sun in an author’s imagination might find disfavor among negative naysayers. It’s to be expected; readers’ tastes vary widely and what one will be enthralled with, another will savage in an online review. I’ve read a lot of them and received a few. Well, you know, it’s bound to happen. It’s just about impossible to please everyone. We have only to look at local or national politics to see that. And with the hit-and-run anonymity of the Internet, people feel pretty free to say just about anything.

I came across this on another blog and thought it was pretty interesting.
The pages are also beautiful to look at.

 In the meantime, the Book Club Babes and I lift a glass to you. Keep reading and have fun!

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