Friday, February 8, 2013

My Titles are Going International

I have some good news for Spanish-speaking/reading romance fans! Harper's Bride, or La Señora Harper is now available in the US, Spain, Brazil, and all countries where Kindle books can be purchased. Right now, A Taste of Heaven (El Sabor Del Cielo) is being formatted and a cover will follow soon.

On April 2, Home By Morning or Morgen zu Hause will be available in German. I haven't seen a cover for that yet but as soon as I do, I'll post it.

All of these titles have been extremely popular with my readers. In fact, Home By Morning has sold more than 100,000 copies and in celebration of that, Amazon presented me with a beautiful shadow box copy of the book. I see it as kind of like a gold record.

I am so grateful to my readers who have allowed me to sweep them away to a different time and place for a few hours. I hope that you will continue to follow me on upcoming adventures!


  1. Hola Alexis
    Soy de Madrid, España. Acabo de leer tu novela La señora Harper en español y quería decirte lo mucho q me ha gustado. Es realmente preciosa y conmovedora. Figura en mi listado de novelas destacadas de este año 2013 y la he recomendado varias veces.
    Tambien quería pedirte que revisaran la traducción porque han cometido algunos errores, en algunos párrafos faltan artículos y hay errores de género. Esto hace que la novela pierda calidad y es una pena porque es maravillosa y con una cuidada traducción estoy segura que sería un éxito.
    Se nota el mimo que has puesto al escribirla.
    Estaré pendiente del resto de novelas que se publiquen tuyas en español en amazon kindle. Por favor no tardeís mucho!!
    Un abrazo.

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  3. Hello Alexis.
    I´m from Madrid, Spain. I have just read your novel Harper´s Bride in Spanish and it wanted to say to you greatly I have liked it. It is really precious and touching. It appears in my list of novels emphasized of this year 2013 and I her have recommended several times.
    Also it wanted to ask you to check the translation because they have committed some mistakes, in some paragraphs articles are absent and there are mistakes of kind. This does that the novel loses quality and is a shame because it is wonderful and with an elegant translation I am sure that would be a success. There is obvious the caress that you have put on having written it.
    I will be dependent on the rest of novels that are published yours in Spanish in amazon kindle.