Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Not a Diet--It's a Lifestyle

That's what every diet plan says, right? And yet, my diet and my lifestyle don't mesh very well. So here I am, on the weight-loss-go-round again.
I can't say I've tried them all. Some plans just sound plain dumb or impossible to stick with, even for a few days. That cabbage soup thing? I wouldn't consider it. Grapefruit--nope. All those pills of questionable ingredients, safety, origin and hype sold on TV? Forget it.

That pretty much leaves me with two viable choices: count points (Weight Watchers) or carbs. I've done both and had success with both, but y'know, most of us have faced this at one point or another and pretty soon, we fall back into our sloppy ways. Yes, I want my wine. Or my Jack Daniel's, depending on my mood. Oh, cheeseburgers and fries? Yes, yes. Pizza, yes, yes, yes!!! Chips, I try not to let them into the house but they get in sometimes. And there isn't much that can be done to a potato that I won't eat. Mashed, baked, fried, boiled, casseroled, au gratined, scalloped--heavenly potatoes. Doughnuts, cookies and such, nah, not really. I do LOVE salad, and especially love salad bars where you can get things that are so not salad they shouldn't even be in the trough. "Chocolate mousse," which is really more like chocolate Cool Whip. Bread and muffins? Mmmmm, bring them on! Still, I'm not as young as I used to be and I have a job that keeps me at a keyboard most of the time, so I've got to take a step back to consider my condition.

Which plan is the winner this time? Low carb. You get more variety with Weight Watchers, but all that measuring and points counting and journaling and obsessing . . . geez, talk about a hassle. I'm one of those people who has a closet full of clothes in a variety of sizes. Lucky for me, the styles are fairly classic so I'll be able to wear any of them without looking like a refugee from any particular decade.

Sunday was Day 1. Two hard-boiled eggs, a handful of almonds, a can of tuna, seared yellow fin tuna steak, salad with sensible dressing, and a kosher hot dog (no bun). And I'm still full from dinner even though it's almost 1:00 AM. That's the plus side to the low carb thing, so I'm hopeful.

They say any fool can lose weight. Sure, look at me, I've done it lots of times. It's the keeping it off that's tricky. As soon as my knees stop creaking, I'll be out there pounding the sidewalk again with the dog.

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