Friday, June 29, 2012

Here It Comes!

On Tuesday, July 3, while you're waiting for the annual fireworks to start, you can read about fireworks of a different kind in my new Amazon release, Home by Nightfall. In this second of the Home series, learn what happened to Riley, the Braddock brother who had been declared dead by the army, a casualty of the Western Front battlefields in France. Susannah, believing she was a widow, married Tanner Grenfell. Now she's woman with two husbands and a heart divided who must make a choice: should she remain with Tanner, who has given her love and support for the past two lonely years? Or will she return to the love of her young womanhood, a man who doesn't remember her or anything about his previous life, even his own name?

I wrote the opening chapters for this book about five years ago. I had just finished reading both and A Farewell to Arms and All Quiet on the Western Front. Erich Maria Remarque's account of the German side of the Western Front made the biggest impression on me. It's written from the perspective of a regular infantryman, not military strategists with grand ideas and their willingness to keep feeding the meat grinder that was World War I. Ultimately, Remarque's protagonist did not survive. Riley Braddock does, but the cost is high.

This love triangle is agony for the three parties involved--who will stay? Who will go?

Find out on July 3rd!

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